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What can Kokopelli Asphalt do for your business?

Like your business, Kokopelli calls central Indiana home. Being local, they understand that if your property doesn’t look good, neither do they.  
When it comes to your business, time is money. Your need to work at the location you’re developing is why Kokopelli works toward a plan that‘s least intrusive to your schedule.
Your business is important, large or small. Whether your project is a simple driveway repair or acres of parking created from undeveloped land, the superiority of Kokopelli’s work and materials will make your business stand out.  
Had enough of changing contractors for each aspect of the job when there’s no guarantee that the work will be consistent or even complete? Instead, let Kokopelli‘s comprehensive knowledge and skill base to benefit your commercial development. Consider these services that you want done right – the first time:

  • New installations including new drives, parking lots, etc.
    • Kokopelli contracts all the work, from beginning excavation to final paving, including water taps, water and fire lines, sanitary and storm sewer installation and the increasingly requested storm water quality units.
  • Tear-out and removal of old or damaged concrete and asphalt
  • Overlay of existing asphalt
  • Asphalt milling / repair 
  • Paving, seal-coating, and crack-filling including Kokopelli’s superior infrared services*
    • *infrared services enable seamless repair instead traditional saw cutting or milling
  • Concrete construction including walkways, steps, and driving areas
  • Asphalt maintenance utilizing a power wired-wheel for crack clean-out and molten Deery® super-stretch premium crack filler
  • Seal coating using Gem Seal® coal-tar based sealer with four pounds of #65 mesh silica sand/gallon and 2% Armorflex® additive to aid in gasoline and oil resistance (the enemies of asphalt!)
  • Customized maintenance programs to keep your investment looking great and lasting long

Efficiency, quality, superior materials and techniques, local ownership – everything you’ve been looking for in one company. Let Kokopelli Asphalt pave your way to success. Call them today at (765) 479-2393

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