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Process Start to Finish – Asphalt Maintenance

Initial Appointment:
Your questions, thoughts, and concerns will all be addressed at your first meeting with Kokopelli as they walk the site with you, assessing current conditions and special details. Your traffic needs and schedule will be worked into the project scheduling to allow for minimal disruption to your business.
Barricading or roping off as needed:
All of the details are handled by the professionals at Kokopelli. No need to worry about directing traffic away from the freshly done work. If your business needs to be open during the process, Kokopelli knows how to maximize useable traffic space to your business’s advantage while working efficiently to get the job done right.
Clean and prep asphalt:
Dirt, grime, and debri are swept away with Kokopelli’s powerful blowers, leaving your lot clean and prepared to receive the smoothest of surfaces.
Clean cracks with a powered wire-wheel:
Vegetation growing in cracks can create havoc with your asphalt or concrete. Kokopelli’s powered wire-wheel cleaning eliminates growing vegetation as well as harmful debris. This allows maximum effectiveness of Kokopelli’s high-quality sealants.
Fill with molten crack filler:
Once cleaned, you want a quality crack-filler that will stand up to Indiana’s changing weather conditions. Kokopelli chooses the finest materials including Deery® super-stretch premium crack filler for a flexible, weather-resistant finish.
Apply two coats of sealer:
To keep your surface looking professional while surviving traffic, weather, and grime, Kokopelli applies a dual coat of Gem Seal® coal-tar based sealer for a longer-lasting seal. This high-quality seal coating includes four pounds of #65 mesh silica sand and a 2% Armorflex® additive to defend against damage caused by weather, gasoline, and oil.
Stripe if required:
If you’re looking for a professional finish to your parking lot, Kokopelli stripes their fine-textured surfaces with utmost care and precision. It’s the finishing touch to an excellent first impression of your business.

Make the call today and let Kokopelli Asphalt pave your way to a great first impression!

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