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Asphalt Maintenance

You’ve heard the expression; “If you don’t like the Indiana weather, wait ten minutes, it’ll change”. As you know, those changes wreak havoc on your exterior property surfaces.
To protect your investment, Kokopelli Asphalt offers customized maintenance programs to meet your needs.
Kokopelli’s advanced techniques and materials ensure quality results that keep your property lasting long and looking great.   

Here are a few examples:
Cracks caused by weather, roots, and ground-shifting can grow over time and fill with debris. Cleaning out that debris is not as easy as it seems. Leaving debris in the cracks renders sealers ineffective. Kokopelli uses a power wired-wheel to act as a dentist’s drill does to a filling – getting it clean and ready for sealer.
Sealer material matters. Most knock-on-your-door “repair companies” use cheap roofing tar, which doesn’t last or seal properly. Like all their materials, Kokopelli chooses high quality products including Deery® super-stretch premium crack filler for a flexible, weather-resistant finish.
Repairs by other companies may look almost as bad as the original damage, leaving a “cut-and-patch” look to your otherwise smooth surface. Kokopelli uses a state-of-the-art infrared instrument that melts the asphalt, allowing it to be redistributed into a clean, smooth, seamless surface repair.
Sealing and resealing surfaces is inevitable – especially in central Indiana. There are ways to make those seals last longer though, and Kokopelli Asphalt knows how. The secret is in the quality of the material. Kokopelli uses high-quality seal coating with Gem Seal ® coal-tar based sealer for a longer-lasting seal. On the technical side, they include four pounds of #65 mesh silica sand and a 2% Armorflex® additive to aid in gasoline and oil resistance; as damaging to asphalt as an Indiana winter!
Whether you’re starting with a perfect surface you want to last, or damage that needs repair first, Kokopelli Asphalt makes your surface maintenance smooth and easy. Discover the custom plan that will pave the way to maintaining your investment. Call Kokopelli Asphalt today at (765) 479-2393.

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