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The Founding and Philosophy of Kokopelli Asphalt

Jeff Bush, founder of Kokopelli Asphalt, began working in excavation in the early 1990’s. It was through his excavation work that he recognized the inefficiency of multiple contractors on a site, all doing different jobs. Jeff bought his first paver in 2003 and combined his new knowledge with his previous experience to create an all-inclusive site-development business.
Besides efficiency, Jeff recognized the importance of thoroughness in his work. Through years of experience in every aspect of the business, Jeff has learned the many factors that must be taken into consideration, such as soil content, water, utilities, weather, etc. That knowledge sets Kokopelli apart from less knowledgeable “specialty” companies.
Upon founding Kokopelli, Jeff also determined to project an image of professionalism in every aspect of the business. From the demeanor of the workers to the cleanliness of the equipment, Kokopelli shows their commitment to quality and excellence of service in everything they do.  
Along with the concept of thoroughness, Jeff instills pride in paying attention to the last detail. Whether the job is excavating a new site, paving acres of parking lot, or repairing a simple weather crack in the asphalt, every detail of the project is considered and responded to. Kokopelli wants you to call them again – but they don’t want you to have to call them back.

So where did the name and the dancing guy come from?

The Kokopelli is a very popular symbol in the hot Southwest region of the country – remind you of summer and asphalt?  In Hopi culture, the Kokopelli represented fertility and prosperity. It was also believed to have brought the transition from winter to spring.
Most of all, it’s fun, unique, and memorable. When you see the dancing, lute playing guy, remember the name that brings prosperity to your property!

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